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"Amazingly sharp and to the poInt!"
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​"I cant believe how inspirational ten minutes of learning with Rabbi Miller could give. it really gave me a sense of belonging, like I have a mission in this world and have to make every moment of it, by thinking positive and embracing that challenges that Hashem, the holy one, puts in front of me. thank you for some more insight in my/our journey, cant wait for next weeks!!!"

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"Magnificent divrei Torah. Yasher Koach and glad I found you."


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"Thank you Rabbi Miller for this encouraging message. I find Torah in 10 enables me to concentrate right through, and it is packed with wisdom. I am a beginner so this helps me to understand the weekly Torah portions at a deeper level."

"Thank you Rabbi Chaim, for by you softly expressing your words, it is causing an immediate effect in our cosmos."
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"You have really been part of my torah/spiritual nutrition to rejuvinate my soul when I am busy at work and life in sometimes a very dark and lonely place and wish I was somewhere else.... I like your sincerity and honesty and very much value you wealth of torah knowledge in times of fast change."
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"Thank you so much Rabbi Miller.Torah in 10 is such a gem - a pocket full of gems really!"
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"Thank you Rabbi Miller I appreciate the way you connect with your audience. You manage to convey much in a short amount of time."
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"This opened up a whole new perspective in my approach to study and realization of how this life is to be devoted.Thank you"
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"Thank you Rabbi Chaim Miller for your Shiur.It’s full of great insights that can be applied in our day to day life. Thank you for enlightening how mystical knowledge can help in breaking it."
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"Torah in Ten has become my favorite TV show! I am learning so much and appreciate your point of view in this series. I am getting a whole new perspective on the parshas, and how to begin incorporating the lessons into my life. A real inspiration!"
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