"We had the privilege of having Rabbi Chaim Miller speak for us at Chabad of the Valley on Gimmel Tammuz. He talk was fantastic.  Riveting.  The packed house sat riveted to their seats only interrupting with serious applause from time to time.   I highly recommend Rabbi Chaim Miller as a speaker and/or Scholar in residence. " Rabbi Yehoshua Binyomin Gordon o.b.m, Chabad of the Valley 

"If entertaining, humorous and inspiring is what you're looking for, Rabbi Chaim Miller is the one to deliver it! He's captivating, funny and has the crowd engaged throughout his whole speech!"
​Miriam Sebbag, Chabad of Passaic-Clifton

"Rabbi Miller was the guest speaker at our Annual National Russian Shabbaton in Stamford, Connecticut attended by 800 people. His lecture and guided prayer service were simply world class. He has a unique talent of bridging the gap between lofty spiritual and mystical ideas and their practical implications in a very grounded way that speaks to both advanced and beginner audiences. His message is conveyed with warmth and charisma, and upon the request of numerous delighted participants, we are inviting him again this year."
Rabbi Benzion Laskin Program Director, Chamah International

"Rabbi Miller was very successful. He made a great impression. "
Dr. Bobby Schulman, Chairman, Young Israel Beth El, Boro Park

"Thank you again for coming to talk with our students and bringing such a thoughtful, insightful, and compassionate perspective. "
SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn

"Thank you so much for a meaningful and uplifting Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We so appreciate all the time, energy, good humor and wisdom you put into your talks and meditations, ensuring that they were relevant and timely. You really spoke to our crowd."
Chanie Kaminker, President, Congregation Chevra Ahavas Yisroel, Crown Heights

"Rabbi Chaim Miller has the unique ability and engaging personality to draw perspective and shed meaning on a myriad of sundry and social topics through the prism of Torah and Kabbalah. His views are original, refreshing and exciting. He is our most popular Shabbaton guest to date."
Rabbi Ari Kirshchenbaum, Chabad of Prospect Heights

"Rabbi Miller gave several workshops at the recent N'Shei U'Bnos Chabad Convention. The women were very enthusiastic about his classes and meditations. When another presenter was running late, they all asked if Rabbi Miller could come back. I would definitely recommend him."
Mina Eisenbach, Chabad of NW Conneticut

"We recently had the privilege and pleasure of hosting Rabbi Miller for a talk in our Shule. It was a privilege, because I cherish the opportunity to introduce to my crowd such an erudite orator, with such an impressive record of recent achievements. The pleasure was watching him interact with the crowd and present authentic chassidus in such an accessible manner. Chaim Miller demonstrated how learning, living and growing within one's Judaism can be both intellectually and spiritually satisfying."
Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum, Moorabbin Shule, Melbourne Australia

"Rabbi Chaim Miller is a witty and intelligent speaker, great for the scholar and the laymen. He is also down to earth and easy to work with."
Rabbi Ari Raskin, Chabad of Brooklyn Heights

"I want to take a moment to thank you for coming to Chabad of the Five Towns....  The fact that you made the time to inspire our community means to me more than you can imagine."

Rabbi Zalman Wolowik, Chabad of the Five Towns